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When one thinks about their wedding or special event, rarely does concrete come to mind. But when you display these awesome and simple concrete candles alongside beautiful lace or delicate flowers, their beauty really does come out. There is something so elegant about the industrial look of these candles and their simplicity and black color palette really would lend itself to any type of affair or concept.

These candles against the rustic setting of Stone Gardens would be utterly breathtaking and add such charm to your event.


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1 bag of concrete (with sand)
A mound to cast in (we used an empty tall soda can)
A spoon Paint Stick or dowel rod Scissors (or utility knife)
Small candles

1. To begin, cut the top off of your soda can to prepare a workable space.
2. Add a small amount of water into can.
3. Add a cup of concrete mix and stir.
4. Continue to add in concrete dust and water (repeating steps 2 & 3) until the concrete mix and water becomes thick. (The less soupy the mix, the stronger the cast)
5. Using a paint stick or dowel rod, tap up and down shaking your mold gently. This will even out the concrete.
6. Place your candle on top of the concrete and gently press down until candle is flush with the mix.
7. While lightly holding the inserted candle in place, tap up and down to shake mix evenly around the candle.
8. Leave to dry overnight. Check every few hours continuing to press candle even with candle surface.
9. Once dried, gently score the cast using scissors (or utility knife) and pull away aluminum.