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These gorgeous flags can be used in any type of event: baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, engagement party and then be used for years after in your home (think how wonderful it would be to have these wedding flags hanging in your baby’s nursery?)

These would be a wonderful craft for you and your bridesmaids to do or something you share with your mother or future mother-in-law and if you then re-use these throughout your life, they will come with a great story! What a great way to keep your wedding day alive for years to come!








Sewing Pins

Cotton Cord

Tea Bags

Large Mixing Bowl or Bucket


1. Brew Tea (make sure to use a dark tea.) Take your linen fabric and cut into long strips. Pour the tea into your large bowl or bucket and allow to sit until desired color.

2. Wring the fabric and rinse lightly under cold water. Hang dry. Take a piece of paper and draw and cut a flag template.

3. When fabric is dry, lightly iron and pin your template to the fabric and cut.

4. Fray the edges by pulling a minimum of four strands on each side to create a weathered look.

5. Take your long piece of cotton cording and pin each flag in place along the cord.

6. With a sturdy cotton thread, do a running stitch along the top of each flag, making sure to go through the cording on the edges.