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If you choose to host your event or wedding at Stone Gardens we don’t think your entire event needs to be centered around stone or masonry. However, these DIY stone platters would highlight the industrial feel of our venue as well really demonstrate the beauty of natural rock and stone (not to mention, you could purchase all your materials at our location!)

These platters are so simple and elegant and in these water conscious times, it is always great to highlight the beauty of stone as well as its eco-friendliness.



Large flat rocks. sturdy bigger rocks that have a flat surface good for mounting the top on, Gorilla Glue.

You might be able to find stones like this around your home. You can also purchase them from home improvement stores.


1. Select your rocks. If you are making multiple platters it might be nice to make them at different heights.

2. Wash all of the surfaces of your rocks, leave the surfaces that the glue will be on slightly damp.

3. Spread gorilla glue on the parts of the rocks you will be glueing together. Be sure to not put glue closer than 2 inches away from anywhere it could ooze out. It expands and it dries, and you don’t want to see the glue coming out of the seams.

4. Give them 24 hours to dry