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Sometimes ladies just need some time with their girls! Whether it be a girls-only bridal shower, a ladies only birthday celebration or a daytime bachelorette party, it is always nice to get some time away and hang with your closest gal pals. Stone Gardens provides the ideal outdoor setting for a beautiful and relaxing Sunday Bachelorette Brunch or a great evening cocktail hour after a day at the spas of Temecula Wine Country.

While Stone Gardens has more than enough space for a very large event, it can also be set up to accommodate your party of 10 or less. There are intimate spots throughout the grounds that would be perfect for you and your closest friends to chill out, kick your feet up, relax and catch-up. Plus having this kind of event at a separate location saves the hostess from all the prep work – everyone can show up and have a great time without having to worry about cleaning, set-up and the dreaded clean-up!

Here is a great DIY idea that you and your guests can do at a bridal shower or you can do beforehand as a gift for each of your attendees. These crowns are ethereal and beautiful and would really add such a beautiful touch to your daytime event – be it tea with your girlfriends, a bridal shower brunch or just midday cocktails with a touch of elegance.



– Floral Tape
– Floral Wire
– Wire cutters
– Pliers
– An assortment of your favorite flowers (they used Mums, Asters, Purple Iris, Yellow Salidago and some greenery)




Step one: Create a circle that fits comfortably around your head, that is accessible to remove and put back on whenever you would like. You can double up on the wire to make for a more sturdy base crown, or use just one; Either works.

Step two: Cut your first bloom and place it on your crown, in the desired location and direction you would like the flowers going. You can switch up the direction of flowers at any point, if you feel. Using roughly 3 inches of floral wire, use to wrap the bloom tightly around the wire crown to keep in place. You can use your hands or pliers to wrap the wire tight.

Step three: Take your floral tape, and wrap it around the bloom to cover the wire.

Step Four: Continue this same process with more blooms, layering around the wire crown until you form a solid crown of gorgeous flowers.

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You can completely fill your crown with flowers, or leave 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 open! This is your flower crown, do what you like! Be creative, have fun!

These crowns would be such a wonderful accent to your event here at Stone Gardens. The lush and verdant landscaping provides the perfect background for these wonderful accessories. The pictures of your event would be utterly breathtaking.