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Every couple hopes that people leave their wedding with full bellies, happy hearts and maybe a hiccup or two. But here is a great DIY project that leaves your guests with little notes of gratitude or advice – a great send off! Even better – most of the materials for this project can be purchased at Southwest Boulder and Stone!

Simply place inside a burlap bag with a few words that explain what they are all about, and voila – you have a unique, handmade and inexpensive DIY wedding favor. Here’s our message:


Tutorial for Hand-painted Message Rocks

You will need:

Choose your stone.

sg2Apply acrylic paint to brush and paint the entire stone.

sg3Let dry.

sg4Using a small brush, paint words onto the rock.

sg5Let dry. Add a coat of glossy varnish.


sg7Now, if you are like me, your handwriting resembles that of a 5 year old, but I think your guests will find little imperfections touching and they would represent the time and love you put into these great mementos. Your guests can keep or spread these rocks throughout the county, state, country or world – and your message of love, from your wedding ceremony will be seen by the masses! Too dramatic? I don’t think so!

Here is a great quote describing these great tokens of love:

“Their little love messages have been left all over the place now, from the sidewalks in Montreal, Quebec to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and so many spots in between … I continue to leave these rocks all over in order to spread a little more love in my world.”