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Once your man pops the question and you have celebrated and toasted to your future together, the bride gets to planning! Most brides have an idea of who they will have in their wedding (it may change based on the week) but a bride knows which of her closest friends she wants standing up there with her on her special day. Here is a great DIY project that allows you to formally ask your friends to be in your wedding while adding a bit of fun and creativity to the process.


I love the idea of formally asking those whom you would like to be in your bridal party. I sent out cards for my own wedding so that inspired me to come up with a cute project to do the same. I adore the paper chain people that we all learned to make in grade school and this project uses that simple concept to introduce your bridesmaids to everyone. Cut out the shape of the dress you plan on using in the color you desire and personalize each person with some paper hair. To complete the set I created a little card asking “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and included the wedding details as well as how and where to order the dresses.



sg31. craft paper (for clothes & hair), 2. paper for bodies, 3. envelopes, 4. ruler, 5. scissors, 6. pencil, eraser & a glue stick



First, be sure that your chain will fit in the envelope you chose. I decided to make my chain about 6 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide to fit in an A7 envelope. Draw tick marks every 3.5 inches (or whatever width you chose) on the top and bottom of the paper for how many people you want to cut out (I chose 6).

sg5 sg6

Cut out your rectangle and score the paper vertically between each set of tick marks. This will make folding easier and more accurate. Then, fold the paper accordion style.


On the top of the stack draw the shape of your person. Be sure to draw the arms and legs to the edge of the paper so that they will be attached into a chain after you cut it out.

sg8sg9Next, cut out the person shape and open up your masterpiece chain! Decorate your ladies with dresses of your choice and different hairstyles to personalize them. I also drew faces and painted their names on each one.


To complete the set I wrapped a band of paper around the chain and information card and wrote the name of the person I was to be sending it to.

I just think this is such a great and personal way of kicking off your wedding planning and organizing. The fact that you have taken the time to individualize these notes shows that you truly care about the girls in your wedding and appreciate their time and devotion to you and your marriage (this will also serve as a reminder to your gals of the nice person you are while you are in the midst of pre-wedding bridezilla mode)Plus, this is so much better than a quick “hey, wanna be in my wedding?” text or call.

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