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Every new bride knows just how hectic your wedding day can be! From the moment you open your eyes there are hair appointment, make-up sessions, photoshoots, greeting family and friends – and most of this is all crammed into a space of just a few hours. This does not leave much time to snack, so why not create a bouquet that you can pick from on your big day? OK – I am not suggesting eating this DIY Farmers Market bouquet but maybe some of the leftovers!

This is such a great way to highlight fresh and seasonal fruits as well as supporting your local farmers market vendors.

Fruits and flowers can create some of the most beautiful color schemes while also highlighting the natural light and colors of the nature surrounding you at your ceremony.

Stone Gardens native landscape would provide the ideal backdrop for your fresh, local, seasonal and one-of-a-kind bouquet.sg1

sg2 Step One: Go to your local grocery store or farmer’s market to find fresh fruits, vegetables and a few flowers if desired (that will last out of refrigeration for as long as desired).

Here is what I used:

  • Three potted echiverias
  • These items I didn’t quite use a whole package: radishes, raspberries, blackberries
  • Two tomatillos
  • Three habanero peppers
  • Bunch of mustard greens
  • One red cabbage – just a few of the large outer leaves
  • One bunch of red tulips
  • One bunch red leaf lettuce


Step Two: Prep everything — Use wire to stick into the bottom of the fruits or veggies to create a stem. Clean off extra bits from anything that has a ‘stem’. Prepare the succulents by removing them from the soil, cleaning the stem, and adding a looped wire attached with floral tape.

sg4Step Three: It’s much easier if you gather the larger elements first, then add in smaller pieces that are on wire by simply sticking them down into the top.

sg5Step Four: Trim the stems with gardening shears and wires with wire cutters to the desired length. Because you will have wire showing, you will want to cut the wires shorter than the stems if you would like the stems to show.

sg6Step Five: To cover the mechanics of your design, use some large leafy pieces to cover the outsides of the bouquet. While holding the bouquet in one hand, wrap ribbon around the bouquet ‘stems’ until the wires are covered. Your bouquet is now done! Super pretty, right?!

sg7 sg8

Even if this farmers market bouquet is not your dream arrangement – it could also make for a great accent at your food table or funky centerpieces for your reception.

Source: http://greenweddingshoes.com/diy-farmers-market-bouquet-2/