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We all know the chevron pattern is THE pattern of the season and why the heck not?! It is so cute and funky yet classic and easy to match. You can incorporate different colors into the pattern as well as use it as backdrop for any theme.

It is eye-catching enough to add just pops of it into your ceremony and here is a great DIY project for just that! Here is a step by step guide to make your own chevron cake riser (and then after the wedding you have a super cute decorative shelf for your house!)

Supplies Needed:

unfinished wooden boxes (can be found at an arts & crafts store)
fine sandpaper
blue painter’s tape
white gloss spray paint
black gloss spray paint
exacto knife
white paint pen
black paint pen
chevron template (can be found on Pinterest)


1. Print out a chevron template ( it can be printed on 11×17 paper, and is the size of 3/4″ painter’s tape). Cut out the chevron to use as a guide. You can also trace it onto stiffer paper or laminate it to make it last longer.

2. Sand down any rough areas of your boxes and wipe off any sawdust with a dry towel.

3. Set up a large piece of cardboard outside to spray paint the boxes white. When spray painting, keep a distance of about 8″ to ensure that you won’t get any drips. Do several light coats instead of one heavy coat. Let dry.

4. Use the chevron template to guide you while applying the painter’s tape. Rip off small sections of tape and apply in the chevron tape – it is okay if it overlaps. When you’re done taping, go back with a ruler and use your exacto knife to trim the edges of your tape until all the edges are clean. Press down the edges of your tape firmly so that no paint gets under the edges!

5. Take the boxes back to the cardboard and spray paint black. It is extra important not to spray too close so that you don’t have paint leaking under the edges of the tape. Do a few coats until your are satisfied with the coverage, and let dry.

6. Peel off the tape (this part is really fun!) and reveal your beautiful chevron pattern. Use the paint pens and the ruler to touch up any parts where the paint leaked through the tape edges, and you’re done!