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We all know the wedding tradition of “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” here are some ideas for your “something borrowed.”

Below is a list of 10 items a bride can “borrow” from nature for her special day. Mother Nature can provide some really beautiful and unique items to complete your bridal look or ceremony, some examples include twigs and flowers wound together to create a beautiful bridal crown and another idea, close to our hearts here at Stone Gardens, is the placement of decorated rocks and precious stones throughout the ceremony. These can be “borrowed” or purchased in our retail store.

Now, not all of these ideas will fit into a bride’s vision of her big day and some brides may already have a beautiful item borrowed from a family member or a friend, but in case you don’t, these ideas are green, unique and most importantly, they highlight the beauty of nature and all her gifts to us here on planet earth. What a fantastic message to send your guests on your special day.

1. Rocks


2. Branches & Twigs

2sg3. Leaves

3sg4. Weeds

4 sg5. Pine Cones

5sg6. Grass

6sg7. Logs

7sg8. Shells

8sg9. Sea Glass

9sg10. Moss


Make the most of what nature has to offer but remember, it is your “something borrowed” so show it respect and give it back afterwards!

Source:  http://www.noimpactbride.com/2011/09/10-somethings-borrowed-from-nature-for.html