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When one thinks about their wedding bouquet, they picture beautiful and colorful flowers held together with beautiful fabric matching the wedding color scheme and accented with maybe diamond broaches. Your walk down the aisle should reflect you and how you want your future husband, friends and family to see you on your big day. Some ladies are not the delicate flower petal type of bride.

Succulent accented bouquets add just that touch of distinctiveness some brides desire for their bridal bouquet.


A majority of these succulent bouquets contain the Echeveria Flower. They are native to Mexico and the northwestern part of South America, but are available world wide in just about any season, and are fairly inexpensive. Consider using them as an accent in your wedding bouquet or as the focal point on your wedding reception tables. They can be found throughout Stone Gardens highlighting the natural rock scape native to California. They would also compliment the succulent wedding favor featured a few weeks back https://stonegardenevents.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/diy-wall-terrarium-favor/

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