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When planning the centerpieces for your event, look no further than the merchandise sold on the Stone Garden’s premises. These rock candle holders add a unique and DIY flair to any tablescape.

These candle holders are made on site using local stone. They range in color from rich grey to a more soft off-white. Please speak with any associate to purchase or create your own.

The candle holders would complement any theme; be it a more natural, eco-friendly theme using a neutral color palate where the holders would just enhance the look or a more elegant and refined affair using the stone as a contrast to the lace and pearl of the classic wedding.

In the examples below, the candle holders were paired with various succulents for a more water-wise and eco-friendly theme. The touch of sunflower adds just a bit of color to the mainly earth tone piece.

photo 3 photo 4 photo 1

These are just a few examples using the stone candle holders in the wedding design, there are a multitude of other ideas and uses for these decorative items.

One thing is for sure; they are incredibly unique and will definitely leave your guests with an unforgettable impression of your wedding at Stone Gardens.