Seasonal Escort Cards


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These fruit table card holders are a great way to highlight all of Summer’s beautiful and delicious berries and fruits.

All you need for this cute and cost effective project are some seasonal berries, wooden sticks, some card stock and either a friend with great handwriting or a fave font!

These would also serve as wonderful take home gifts for your guests (or delicious snacks)!



Wedding Day Survival Kit!


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We all imagine our wedding day as a day filled with champagne, sunshine and smiles and while there is much of this to go around, there are also mishaps and hiccups and here is a great DIY project to quickly and efficiently take care of such hiccups.


This would be a wonderful wedding day gift for a bride from her bridesmaids!


DIY Wedding Tip: Concrete Candles


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When one thinks about their wedding or special event, rarely does concrete come to mind. But when you display these awesome and simple concrete candles alongside beautiful lace or delicate flowers, their beauty really does come out. There is something so elegant about the industrial look of these candles and their simplicity and black color palette really would lend itself to any type of affair or concept.

These candles against the rustic setting of Stone Gardens would be utterly breathtaking and add such charm to your event.


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1 bag of concrete (with sand)
A mound to cast in (we used an empty tall soda can)
A spoon Paint Stick or dowel rod Scissors (or utility knife)
Small candles

1. To begin, cut the top off of your soda can to prepare a workable space.
2. Add a small amount of water into can.
3. Add a cup of concrete mix and stir.
4. Continue to add in concrete dust and water (repeating steps 2 & 3) until the concrete mix and water becomes thick. (The less soupy the mix, the stronger the cast)
5. Using a paint stick or dowel rod, tap up and down shaking your mold gently. This will even out the concrete.
6. Place your candle on top of the concrete and gently press down until candle is flush with the mix.
7. While lightly holding the inserted candle in place, tap up and down to shake mix evenly around the candle.
8. Leave to dry overnight. Check every few hours continuing to press candle even with candle surface.
9. Once dried, gently score the cast using scissors (or utility knife) and pull away aluminum.


DIY Heart Backdrop


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A great way to represent the love between bride and groom would be to get married in a love filled event at a great venue such as Stone Gardens.

This heart backdrop can help you show that love and is a great accent piece to any wedding style!



  • Metallic Fringe Curtain (available at party stores or Amazon)
  • Cardboard
  • Xacto Knife, Box Cutter or Scissors
  • Decorative Paper
  • Double Stick Tape or Glue Dots
  • Flat Tacks and Nails


Step One: Use a piece of scrap paper to draw a large heart and cut it out. Place the heart on the cardboard and trace the outline with a pencil.
Step Two: Carefully cut out the cardboard heart. Use the same stencil to trace the outline of the heart on your decorative paper.
Step Three: Cut out the heart — giving your self a little excess paper on the edges so you completely cover the cardboard.
Step Four: Use double stick tape or glue dots to adhere the paper to the cardboard.
Step Five: Hang the fringe curtain using nails or tacks.
Step Six: Position the heart in the middle of the fringe curtain and slide flat thumbtacks between the paper and cardboard and onto the wall (so they don’t show)

Tea-Dyed Linen Bunting


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These gorgeous flags can be used in any type of event: baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, engagement party and then be used for years after in your home (think how wonderful it would be to have these wedding flags hanging in your baby’s nursery?)

These would be a wonderful craft for you and your bridesmaids to do or something you share with your mother or future mother-in-law and if you then re-use these throughout your life, they will come with a great story! What a great way to keep your wedding day alive for years to come!








Sewing Pins

Cotton Cord

Tea Bags

Large Mixing Bowl or Bucket


1. Brew Tea (make sure to use a dark tea.) Take your linen fabric and cut into long strips. Pour the tea into your large bowl or bucket and allow to sit until desired color.

2. Wring the fabric and rinse lightly under cold water. Hang dry. Take a piece of paper and draw and cut a flag template.

3. When fabric is dry, lightly iron and pin your template to the fabric and cut.

4. Fray the edges by pulling a minimum of four strands on each side to create a weathered look.

5. Take your long piece of cotton cording and pin each flag in place along the cord.

6. With a sturdy cotton thread, do a running stitch along the top of each flag, making sure to go through the cording on the edges.

2014 Stone Gardens Lookbook!


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See what you’ve been missing by not having your wedding or event at Stone Garden Events!

Contact us today!


Stone Serving Platters


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If you choose to host your event or wedding at Stone Gardens we don’t think your entire event needs to be centered around stone or masonry. However, these DIY stone platters would highlight the industrial feel of our venue as well really demonstrate the beauty of natural rock and stone (not to mention, you could purchase all your materials at our location!)

These platters are so simple and elegant and in these water conscious times, it is always great to highlight the beauty of stone as well as its eco-friendliness.



Large flat rocks. sturdy bigger rocks that have a flat surface good for mounting the top on, Gorilla Glue.

You might be able to find stones like this around your home. You can also purchase them from home improvement stores.


1. Select your rocks. If you are making multiple platters it might be nice to make them at different heights.

2. Wash all of the surfaces of your rocks, leave the surfaces that the glue will be on slightly damp.

3. Spread gorilla glue on the parts of the rocks you will be glueing together. Be sure to not put glue closer than 2 inches away from anywhere it could ooze out. It expands and it dries, and you don’t want to see the glue coming out of the seams.

4. Give them 24 hours to dry

Bringing Woodland Whimsy Indoors!


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Maybe you are not a Christmas bride but more of a January bride or a blushing February Valentine’s bride. Either way, your wedding could provide a great place to re-use your Christmas tree!

We all have that tinge of guilt at the end of the holidays when we just toss our beautiful trees. Well, here is a great idea to utilize that tree and incorporate it into your ceremony décor.

Christmas Tree Trunk Coasters:


1. Aspen (dead, to keep it eco friendly) or wood that is convenient in your location
2. Saw
3. Tung Oil and a rag
4. Twine and a favor tag

Find the wood you would like to use, make sure that it has a large enough diameter to work as a coaster for a mug. Saw 1/4″ thick (it is very easy to be consistent in size with a table saw, but any saw will work). Sand the coasters (we used several different grades of sanding paper). Use tung oil for a natural, but smooth polish. Wrap with twine and label!

These can be given as wedding favors or actually used at the reception. Either way, it is a wonderful way to reuse that pretty tree!

Winter Ice Lanterns


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Tis the season to celebrate family, friendships and love – winter and this holiday season is an ideal time to plan and execute a beautiful and simple wedding. Stone Gardens provides a great locale for any SoCal brides who want to celebrate their love this winter. Stone Gardens is perfect place to enjoy the SoCal holiday sun (Fallbrook has been known to get up near the 80s this time of year!) but the chilly winter evenings provide that “Christmas Chill” we all enjoy!

If you do plan on being a Christmas bride, here is a great DIY project for your event – Winter Ice Lanterns!


I used a 2 liter plastic soda bottle and a 24 oz plastic bottle for the inside – cut tops off.

1. Fill the 2 liter bottle with about 1 1/2 inches of water and freeze.

2. Remove from freezer and place 24 oz bottle inside resting on the ice. Center the 24 oz bottle in the 2 liter bottle and use masking tape to secure in place. Make sure space between bottles is even all the way around.

3. Cut greens from the yard (I used Boxwood) and cranberries to fill the sides. Cranberries float, so place some in the bottom first and then add green on top. Add a few additional cranberries on the sides. When you fill the container with water the cranberries will rise to the top.


Fill with water leaving at least 1 in of space from the top for the water to rise as it freezes.


When it’s frozen, remove from the freezer. Lift tape and add hot water into the center of the bottle. As the ice melts a little, pull out center bottle. This gets a little tricky as the plastic bottles have larger bottoms than the sides. You have to work it! Run hot water over the outside of the bottle to loosen the large bottle. I had great difficulty pulling the ice lantern out of the 2 liter bottle due to the larger bottom. I recommend cutting it down the sides to remove it. Be careful – the plastic can be sharp! I also recommend having a set of bottles for each ice lantern you wish to make.

I highly recommend using a battery operated candle inside – the flame melts the ice! Make a couple of days ahead and store in the freezer.